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When Starlight Glimmer and Thorax eventually make their way to her throne room, Chrysalis lies in wait for them, expressing that Starlight was not even worth the effort to capture.

When asked what her ultimate goal is, Chrysalis explains that she wants to feed herself and her hive and rule Equestria in accordance to her own wicked design.

Kathleen Barr (English)Tanya Kahana (German)Niki Georgakakou (Greek)Timea Sagi (Hungarian)Marina Thovez (Italian)Kaori Nazuka (Japanese)Lee Seon (Korean)Joanna Węgrzynowska-Cybińska (Polish)Cecília Lemes (Brazilian Portuguese)Anca Sigmirean (Romanian)Darya Frolova (Russian)Irina Índigo (Latin American Spanish)When in disguise as Cadance: Lee Seon (Korean) Queen Chrysalis is a female changeling and the main antagonist of the season two finale, the season six finale, the IDW comics' first story arc, and Budge Studios' mobile game Harmony Quest.

She is the queen of the changelings and a shapeshifter who appears as Princess Cadance in order to hypnotize her fiancé Shining Armor, invade Canterlot, and eventually take over Equestria.

She is also referred to by name in The Cutie Re-Mark, The Times They Are A Changeling, To Where and Back Again, and Celestial Advice and in the second episode of Pony Chat. We deliberately do not answer everything there is to know about her and her hive.

The season two finale's script describes her as "QUEEN CHRYSALIS, a GANGLY BLACK PEGACORN with a gnarled black horn." On April 22, 2015, artist Andy Price stated regarding My Little Pony: FIENDship is Magic Issue #5, "When Hasbro came forward saying they wanted the villains origins and backstories, I immediately said nobody else was doing Queen Chrysalis but myself and Katie Cook. There are far-down-the-road plans for her, and no sense in pouring everything out at once.

A song sequence follows featuring Chrysalis and Cadance singing about the wedding.

After outwitting Chrysalis's three bridesmaids who were guarding the caves due to a hypnotic spell, Cadance and Twilight manage to confront Chrysalis right before Princess Celestia weds her to Shining Armor.

Throughout the wedding preparations, Chrysalis directly or indirectly insults each of Twilight's friends: she throws away the food Applejack offers her after giving insincere praise, she piles demands on Rarity about her and her bridesmaids' dresses, and she compares Pinkie Pie's party to that of a six-year-old's birthday.Celestia weakly urges Twilight and her friends to get the Elements of Harmony and use them to defeat the queen.The changelings break through the magical barrier around Canterlot and capture Twilight and her friends, bringing them back to the wedding hall, where Celestia is encased in a chrysalis hanging from the ceiling.Princess Cadance proclaims that the imposter is a changeling, a creature that takes the form of those that are loved and gains power by feeding off the love for them.Enraged, the imposter suddenly transforms and introduces herself as queen of the changelings (named Chrysalis in the episode's script but not on-screen).The queen sends her subjects to feed and sings a reprise of This Day Aria, distracting her long enough for Twilight to free Cadance.


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