Problems with dating your boss

My husband’s boss scheduled a dinner over at her place, and we hesitantly said yes since we didn’t want to give a bad impression.

She only invited a few people (her direct reports).

That event ended up getting canceled due to bad weather, and now she has rescheduled it to a different weekend.

How do you suggest we handle this if we don’t want to go?

That’s probably one reason why we’re careful how and what we convey. It’s hard to tell whether a Japanese guy is interested in you or not.

During the interviews several common problems when dating Japanese men were mentioned, so let’s have a closer look at them.

In Western culture it’s quite common that the man is the one approaching the woman. That’s simply because a lot of Japanese men are quite shy, even more so with foreign girls.

But just because a Japanese guy isn’t approaching you actively, doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not interested.

Please don’t stick to the old-fashioned idea that men should always make the first move.


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