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After all, Jake had seen me come into his coffee shop ever since the first few "WTF" days of new motherhood.

But now, leaving my flat without Lucy required the same level of planning I’d formerly reserved for a holiday overseas.He lives in London, and we only see each other three times a year; the last time I had seen him had been when I was midway through my pregnancy, the curve of my belly just beginning to be evident underneath a tight tank top.When he came back to town when Lucy was four months old, I was ready. The day before we planned to meet, I got a bikini wax while Lucy slept in her stroller next to the aesthetician’s table.That was when I realised that I needed to change my entire dating M. The fact is, right now, Lucy’s the centre of my universe, and the men I date need to realise that.Which was why, a few weeks after my date with Matt, when I picked up on the flirty vibes being sent to me by Jake, the barista at my local coffee place, I invited him for a beer — and told him I was bringing Lucy.It was clear after our beer that we wouldn’t be anything more than friends, but it was still gratifying. Lucy had been invited, her name engraved alongside mine on the cream-coloured invitation.


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