Dating for one year present

These make highly individual gifts, and are sure to make your boyfriend feel really special.For the attention-lover If your boyfriend loves to bask in public attention, consider placing a love advertisement in the newspaper to which he subscribes.Silver bracelets, cuff links and watches are some eternal favourites.While Cartier and Roche are the most expensive brands, your local jeweller can come up with more affordable options.

To top it all, they are comfortably large to be engraved with a romantic message from you.For the star-watcher Again, if your boyfriend is a sucker for upscale events, you could plan a special outing for him.Hire a chauffeur-driven limo or any other fancy car, and take your boyfriend to the theat or the opera.On the other, hand if he prefers something more sedate, gift him a set of golf clubs from Callaway, or a fashionable kit bag to pack his squash or tennis racquets.For the car lover If your boyfriend goes crazy over bikes and cars, there are gift options galore to choose from.Unfortunately, all that online stores and gift shops seem to have are corny, heart-shaped novelties and endless product advertisements. Here're some tips for choosing the ideal gift for your boyfriend, that will at once cater to his likes and show how much you love him.


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