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Some ten or fifteen years after Spotswood's retirement to Germanna, a company of Germans came into Virginia from Pennsylvania, doubtless Palatines from Berks County.

They settled in the lower Shenandoah Valley and founded the town of Strasburgh, just over the mountain from Germanna.

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One company, under Christopher de Graffenried and Lewis Mitchell, settled at the junction of the Neuse River and the Trent ( North Carolina ) and in the neighbouring country.By far the largest expedition of Palatines left the shores of England towards the end of January, 1710.They were settled on the Hudson (Rhinebeck, Germantown, Newburgh, West Camp, Saugerties, etc.), whence many afterwards removed to the Schoharie Valley (Blenheim, Oberweiser, Dorp, Brunnen Dorp, etc.); the Government, however, refused to recognize their title to the Schoharie lands, and some of them at last migrated in disgust to the Mohawk Valley, where their increase and the stream of German immigration that followed made the Mohawk "for thirty miles, a German river" (Mannheim, Oppenheim, Newkirk, German Flats, Herkimer, etc.).Germans, either by birth or descent, form a very important element in the population of the United States .Their number is estimated at not less than twelve millions.Between 17 the German immigration to Pennsylvania became so large as to be looked upon by the other settlers with serious misgivings; Logan, Penn's secretary, suggested the danger of the province becoming a German colony, as the Germans "settled together, and formed a distinct people from His Majesty's subjects".


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