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“I plan to send five people my data, and two people will send me toolboxes,” he says.He particularly liked the mix of participants — mostly senior postdocs and junior professors.Who needs a long walk on the beach when you can sip wine, gaze into a potential partner’s eyes and dream of all the things you’d like to do to their data?At the Computational and Systems Neuroscience (Cosyne) conference in Utah in February, 15 experimentalists and 15 theorists and data analysts pitched their talents in a speed-dating-style event.I thought I would have plenty of time to get them typed and printed before school started, but I didn't account for kids coming in to get help on making up their quizzes!

In the few minutes you spend with the other person, you want to find something out about them and you want to trade information in case you decide to pursue things further in the future. Each partner should hold up their card for the other person to see. After both cards have been answered and discussed, the partners should trade cards. ) Or, you might end up like me and have to participate yourself.I decided this was the perfect topic to make into a speed dating activity.I tried to include numbers written in scientific notation and numbers written in standard form.An innovative, dynamic and exciting new session to showcase your company’s recent developments and brightest ideas, and meet the people driving urban green infrastructure projects across Europe. There is no cost to participate, but you must be registered for the conference. Join us on stage, pitch your business and dive into strategic talks with your ‘dating partners’.By midnight 7 November 2017: Send your two-line / 50-word business ‘pitch’, short company profile and contact name and email to: [email protected] selected, you will send your pitch material – 3 slides or 120-second video in Powerpoint format – by midnight 15 November 2017.Within 24 hours, the Simons Foundation team had put together the event, hosting 13 experimentalist-theorist pairs. (Because of time constraints, only the first 15 from each group were invited to participate.) Each indicated the type of relationship they were seeking, from the scientific equivalent of a brief affair — “just give me your data” — to those ready to commit to a “long-term, back-and-forth theory/experiment relationship.” Participants certainly had a lot to talk about — at the end of each round, most were reluctant to move on to the next candidate.


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