Psp updating modified memory

It may also void the warranty of your PSP system as you would be working with delicate parts like the PSP’s flash memory.So if you screw up, Make Use Of The homebrew community was always looking for different ways to get in.As I have not tried this myself, I will send you to someone who has.Follow this picture-guided tutorial step by step, and you should be fine, but don’t come crying to us if you mess up.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER Using these methods is 100% legal (although Sony obviously doesn’t like it), but it CAN brick your PSP (every model except the PSP-3000 can be unbricked using a working Pandora Battery, though).

You’ll need to use a Pandora battery for all models except those with a TA-88v3 motherboard (some versions of the PSP-2004, the PSP 3000 and up). You can view your PSP model at the bottom of the device.

To check if you’ve got a TA-88v3 motherboard, look for a white sticker on your box and look at the printed letter.

of this guide, about how to downgrade your PSP and then upgrade to a custom firmware.

For those of you who’ve just tuned in; a custom firmware is one that is written by hackers (or crackers, depending on your point of view), which gives you all the possibilities of the official firmware, but also enables the use of homebrew.


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