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He said during the week-long sting, 19 different law enforcement agencies made eight arrests in the Tallahassee area and took four people into custody near Lake City.Some of the 12 already were suspects in obscenity cases involving children.Their phone numbers circulate in South Florida among the untold addicts looking for “clean time” — or those looking for a flop house that will let them get away with using drugs.In the midst of a national opiate epidemic, politicians are talking a lot about addiction treatment.

“This is shocking, it is terribly disturbing, but it is also all too familiar. This happens in all communities, regardless of race, religion, education level or socioeconomic status.The 64-year-old made contact with undercover officers using the online persona “Naughty Boy,” court records said.He made sexual references with the “girl” and traveled to meet the minor to have sex when he was arrested.Florida Department of Law Enforcement Tallahassee Regional Operations Center Special Agent In Charge Mark Perez speaks about a law enforcement sting entitled Operation Cupid's Arrow, a week-long effort spanning North Florida targeted at child predators, at the FDLE Headquarters on Thursday, Feb. Each day, law enforcement officials routinely run operations to snare child predators.For the past week, though, those operations in North Florida netted a dozen men — eight in the Tallahassee area — seeking to engage in sexual acts with who they thought were teens. One, Michael Chmielewski, was the manager of the Florida House of Representatives page and messenger program who oversaw hundreds of teenagers each legislative session since he was hired in 2012.Ted Cruz, whose sister died of an overdose, has mentioned counseling, Alcoholics Anonymous, and “securing the borders” as solutions to the epidemic.


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