Cavemen and dating

Analyses revealed that current populations of the Iberian Peninsula, which includes Spain, Portugal and Andorra, are not genetically linked with these ancient hunter-gatherers.

Instead, these cavemen were closer genetically to the current populations of northern Europe.

"There are many works that claim the Basques [of the Iberian Peninsula] could be descendants from Mesolithics that became isolated in the Basque country," Lalueza-Fox said.

"We found the modern Basques are genetically not related to these two individuals." The scientists also recovered the complete mitochondrial DNA of one of these cavemen.

The scientists detailed their findings online today (June 28) in the journal Current Biology. Choi is a contributing writer for Live Science and

[Image Gallery: Our Closest Human Ancestor] The skeletons of two young adult males were discovered by chance in 2006 by cave explorers in a cavern high in the Cantabrian mountain range, whose main entrance is found at 4,920 feet (1,500 meters) altitude.These cavemen were hunter-gatherers, judging by the ornament that one was found with of red-deer canines embroidered onto a cloth.The scientists recovered 1.34 percent and 0.5 percent of the human genomes from the bones of these two cave men.For Pisces women, here are five signs you are dating a caveman. They think that if they die, the whole world dies with them. Things that they do not process, things that they cannot appreciate and things that they cannot perceive are not worth thinking about. The worst manifestation of this is when what is important to you is consistently taken for granted or ignored. It is very natural for romantic partners to not see eye to eye. However, we are supposed to fight in such a way that we do not emotionally hurt each other.Those things do not matter because they are not in the equation. If your partner does not appreciate and value you on an emotional level, he is definitely thinking like a caveman. One of the worst ways we can emotionally abuse somebody is to be physically present but emotionally absent. Whenever you are talking to that person, that person has things that are important to him or her. This should not be a surprise because we are all different people. Nine times out of ten, there are all sorts of misunderstandings. If this guy that you are with does not even bother to couch his feedback in emotionally mutual terms, then this means that he does not really care that much about you. It is very easy for him to hurt you because he does not really go out of his way to reposition his emotions to get his point across without hurting you.The thinking is that by eating like cavemen will not only make you lose weight and look better, but we would also feel better.


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