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With sales growth at rock bottom, one of the few things going for Black Berry is its existing user base of faithful customers.

But now that support for the world's most popular social media and messaging apps is gone (like Whats App, Facebook also has the over-the-top messaging app, Messenger), there are fewer reasons for rusted-on users to stay.

Today, owners of the KEYone received some great news. If that is a problem, you can purchase the unlocked version in the states from Amazon or Best Buy by clicking on this link.source: Crack Berry Well it's not hard to see that the Key ONE is getting O with it being fairly new.

The phone, which is currently running on Android Nougat, will be updated to the latest build of Android known as Oreo or 8.0. Among the update's features, Android Oreo limits how the apps you use less often connect to the internet. Question is will the DTEK phones get it or will they be left out in the dust like the terrible Priv that never saw Nougat and never will. I'm done slicing the onions, so here comes the tears. And I see you can't even come up with an original response.

makes it easier for your device to receive the latest Android builds. The Black Berry KEYone will be updated to Android 8.0 which adds another reason why you should consider it if you are in the market for a new phone. Lol, I'd say that you're the one crying now over devices that you don't own or use, and don't plan on using or owning them. I'm done putting you in your place with facts, you may continue adding the sodium chloride to your sliced onions via your salty tears. Don't worry, I'm going to continue to drag you around, pummeling you into a pulp as long as you continue to try and fight a fight you can never win. That's why you always end up running away in the end like the good little cowardly keyboard warrior that you are.

I'd say that you are obviously burned by the truth since I never said any names. Lol, what does you not saying any names have to do with me putting you in your place? I used your own response against you because you used it wrong. And if you pummel me and I can never win, why do you always quit and run off in the end? Sure you aren't Trump's sister from another mother? I'm positive that you're Trumps lover from another mother, lol. Like I said, you may continue to add he sodium chloride to your chopped onions from all of the salty tears you cry on Black Berry articles.

After heady days as the phone of choice for the likes of Hillary Clinton, Black Berry has faced a decline in recent years.

This makes the response appear to be out of date to Microsoft Outlook and so the Tracking information is not updated.

You can put most of the blame on TCL, which doesn't have the greatest track record of supporting anything more than a generation behind.

Blackberry themselves have been doing most of the work in this regard. Am seriously considering a pixel 2 XL when it comes out.

Black Berry showed positivity in the face of crippling odds, announcing the loss of Facebook support late last week in a blog post titled "Great Apps on Black Berry!

" "The app landscape continues to evolve, and in ways that are not always within our control," wrote Black Berry Senior Marketing Manager Lou Gazzola.


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