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Located on that stretch of Ventura by Universal Studios where not much of anything happens, Sun Cafe has developed a rabid cult following of people seeking fantastic organic food and one thing you don’t often see at places like this: a solid beer list. And yet, Joan’s On Third continues to reel us back in with good food and a great sidewalk patio.They’re only open until 8pm, but popping in for an early grab-and-go dinner is never a bad idea. Though they have their “signature bowls,” your move is to build your own and walk out feeling healthy and accomplished. Even while draped on fresh fish, mayo has calories.With a name better suited for one of those humiliating LAX kiosks where you buy a dried-out turkey club because it’s the closest thing to your gate and you hate yourself, Fresh Corn Grill could easily have slipped into LA’s infinite health food abyss.

The main event at Madcapra isn’t the falafel - it’s the presence of vegetables in literally everything, from your sandwich or salad to your beet-flavored soda.There’s a mix of traditional sushi and things like snapper with shiso leaf, and all the raw fish definitely cancels out all the rice carbs.You can definitely go the not-healthy route at Baroo (we’re pretty sure that celeriac pasta dish isn’t doing our waistlines any favors), but with all the fermenting going on here, this is the kind of place where you can eat kind of healthy without actually trying to. We need it to live well and to live long - no one’s denying that.But in this era (and city) of oversaturated health food consciousness, we’ve clearly reached a breaking point.Everything here is vegan and completely organic and, of course, is in Silver Lake, owned by Moby, and donates 100% of profits to animal welfare organizations.


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