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In this short video, parents and teenagers separately discuss what age is appropriate for teenagers to do different independent activities.

These include getting to a friend’s house on public transport, going on an outing with friends, and catching the bus to school.

It’s OK to admit you’re having difficulties – seek help if you need it.

Speak with your GP, your child’s school counsellor or call Parentline on 1300 301 300.

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When it comes to big decisions that impact on your child – for example, about school, further study, staying out late and so on – try to make those decisions with your child, not for her.

This will help him learn life’s lessons and continue to shape his brain’s development.

Striking a balance between your child’s needs and your own concerns is often a matter of maintaining a positive relationship with your child, as well as a healthy family environment.

Our article on problem-solving can help you work through these decisions together.

Your teenager’s brain continues to mature into the early 20s.


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