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She prays "the Father of the all" for help; he has recourse to deception (this is evidently quite permissible in dealing with the evil powers): "By a holy decree he sent the "self-originate" (autogenes) and the four lights in the form of the angels of the first archon.

They gave him advice, that they might bring out from him the power of the mother.

These thirteen years can be identified only with the twelve and a half years of Commodus (17 March, 180--31 December, 192).

The wars between rival emperors began early in 193, so that this anonymous author wrote not much later than January, 193, and Maximilla must have died about the end of 179, not long before Marcus Aurelius. Consequently the date given by Eusebius in his "Chronicle" — eleventh (or twelfth) year of Marcus, i.e.

Again, the Montanists are co-ordinated with the martyr Thraseas, mentioned chronologically between Polycarp (155) and Sagaris (under Sergius Paulus, 166-7) in the letter of Polycrates to Pope Victor; the date of Thraseas is therefore about 160, and the origin of Montanism must be yet earlier.

From Eusebius, V, xvi, 7, we learn that this was in the proconsulship of Gratus. Bonwetsch accepts Zahn's suggestion to read "Quadratus", and points out that there was a Quadratus in 155 (if that is the year of Polycarp's death, which was under Quadratus), and another in 166, so that one of these years was the real date of the birth of Montanism.

But 166 for Quadratus merely depends on Schmid's chronology of Aristides, which has been rejected by Ramsay and others in favor of the earlier chronology worked out by Waddington, who obtained 155 for the Quadratus of Aristides as well as for the Quadratus of Polycarp.

), then as Montanists, Pepuzians, and (in the West) Cataphrygians.

The sect was founded by a prophet, Montanus, and two prophetesses, Maximilla and Prisca, sometimes called Priscilla.


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