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a river in bosnia called bosna is believed to be the origin of the name.guy: "dude let's go for another beer" other guy: "man i'm totally wasted, i need something to eat first" guy: "ok let's go check out the bosna stand.i'm afraid it's the only place that's still open" other guy: "oh puke!The first joint funeral, at a Serbian cemetery in Lukavica, just outside Sarajevo, was attended by Bosko's mother, Rada.Yesterday, friends and relatives gathered in the Lion cemetery to pay their farewells.

101 Free UK Christian Singles service is a not for profit site to help you meet Christian friends beyond your church."It's very sad because they were so young." At 25, the two were older than many of the other war victims buried in the Lion cemetery.Youth alone cannot explain their place in the mythology of the conflict.Mourners stepped forward to lay wreaths of bright daffodils and red carnations, while Mr Ismic led his family up the path, away from the valley, where a football pitch is obscured by war graves. They had performed the same task for hundreds of families throughout the war, in daylight under mortar fire, or at night, to hinder snipers, but this was harder.Admira's mother, Nera, paused to embrace the wooden grave markers, as her tears flowed and the crowd of mourners followed. "A funeral is a funeral, but this was a little more difficult," Ivan Maric said.To the people of Sarajevo and to the outside world, the journalists and film-makers who wanted to retell the story, the love of Admira and Bosko was a symbol of the normality of life in Sarajevo before the war, when inter-ethnic unions were common.


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