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Both backends have a slightly different features set.In the past other backends were developed as well but are no longer maintained and their AUR packages have been deleted.

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In order to search using Baloo on the Plasma desktop, start krunner (default keyboard shortcut .In these cases, the logind setting itself will need to be changed - see Power management#Power management with systemd.Phonon was originally created to allow KDE and Qt software to be independent of any single multimedia framework such as GStreamer or xine and to provide a stable API for a major version's lifetime.” Phonon is being widely used within KDE, for both audio (e.g., the System notifications or KDE audio apps) and video (e.g., the Dolphin video thumbnails).Plasma themes define the look of panels and plasmoids.For easy system-wide installation, some themes are available in both the official repositories and the AUR.Plasma's abilities to access SMB shares are limited, though.


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