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IM doesn't cost anything beyond the price of an Internet connection, so it becomes an alternative to paying long distance phone bills.In addition, a user can have multiple IM windows open at the same time — effectively allowing two, five or ten private conversations to occur simultaneously.Just two decades ago, the technology was still the stuff of dreams for most folks. So it's not hard to understand the appeal of instant messaging to teenagers.Uninitiated adults can read on to find out just what instant messaging is and how teenagers use it.

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Because of the quick delivery, IMing can be much more like a conversation than say, e-mail.Once you have downloaded and installed the Sex Messenger software, the rest is simple.You’ll want to update your profile right away so that the other users on the site can see what you’re like.But in a few cases, teen IM habits indicate a need for parents to talk with their kids about wisdom and good choices.For example, 43 percent of teen IMers say they use it for discussions they prefer not to have in person — including potentially awkward or embarrassing ones about asking for a date or ending a relationship.Instant messaging (IMing, for short) uses free software to allow two Internet users to exchange typed messages in real time.


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