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We have a growing menu of funding sources for infrastructure," Mr Pernia said.At home, Mr Duterte's cosying up to China is scoring him points with another constituency: The country's small and economically powerful Chinese community.Oebanda speaks before the Philippine Senate during deliberations about the Magna Carta on Domestic Workers in 2002. When I got there, I found 16 girls staying in the same small place. Maria was trapped and forced to have sex with a number of foreign and Filipino men.The legislation was designed to improve conditions for domestic workers in the country. Although she was there for only a few weeks before the Filipino police raided the apartment and freed her and the others, the damage had been done. Her captors forced her to go to extreme lengths to deceive them into thinking she was a virgin in order to command higher prices.

President Rodrigo Duterte is proposing to diversify the narrow- based Philippine economy with an ambitious infrastructure development programme that will carry heavy Chinese involvement, a prospect that is exciting the local business community and, at the same time, stoking diplomatic unease.Editor's note: This article is part of The Fighters, a series of reports from a full-length film that premieres on CNN International TV on May 17 and 18 at 1900 HKT; 2200 CET; 2200 ET. And in a small, warm room filled with books and framed drawings, a young woman we're calling Maria tears at a tissue as she prepares to tell how sex traffickers corrupted her life. "I had to find a job because my father had a lung problem and I needed to find money so we could send him to the hospital." Maria met a person in her province who said he could find her a job in Manila.The documentary is a result of two years of undercover work and filming in the Philippines. "I thought I was going to work as a dishwasher in a restaurant," she said.If you have to share something personal, use our private chats. To enter private chat, click on the user's name in the guest list and select "Private chat." Abigchat is not responsible and/or libable for anything that is said, posted, recorded, or shared in anyway in our chat rooms. We care about your privacy and will never record your history, your IP, or record you in any way. Over the course of President Rodrigo Duterte's six-year term ending in 2022, more than 7 trillion pesos (S0 billion) has been targeted for infrastructure development.UNICEF estimates as many as 100,000 children work in the illegal sex trade in the Philippines.


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