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She is most likely part Polynesian, or black, as Logan is white-skinned, but Laura Kinney (who's DNA was used to fill the gaps in the strands of Wolverine's salvaged DNA) is shown to have dark tan skin. A.' conducts experiments to create an ultimate weapon, a perfect soldier.

X-23 was the twenty-third attempt to clone the original Weapon X in female form. Sarah Kinney and molded into the ultimate killing machine by a mysterious organization known only as 'The Facility'. They failed 22 times, but the 23rd attempt was a success. To duplicate his mutant ability they used Logan's DNA, creating a clone. base and steal information from databases for mutants and S.

She tells Logan to go home, as he is both too tired to help her and his Healing factor has been regressed from falling from an airplane without a parachute.

Logan tries to convince her to return to the X-Men, but she refuses until she can stop everyone chasing her, showing the wish to die or have her memories wiped like Logan.

When CBS presenter Charlie Rose quipped that as the wife of the president, she had George W Bush’s ear in the morning and at night before bed, Laura Bush coyly conceded with a smile: 'you certainly have a lot of influence.’During the eight years she had spent living in the Executive Mansion under the watchful eye of the US Secret Service and with news cameras trained on her at all time, Mrs Bush said she still got to enjoy some moments of freedom, like taking morning walks on the National Mall, with a baseball cap pulled low over her face.

But, she said, moving out of the ‘People’s House’ in 2009, following the election of Barack Obama, gave her a sense of liberation.

In The Future, Xavier saw an adult version of X-23 that would one day join the X-Men and be a part of the main team.

When Charles Xavier was under Apocalypse's control, he was able to scan the mind of Apocalypse.

Her anger is noted to be a factor, she easily goes into fits of rage where she could destroy large amounts of property and objects, including cutting through a wall and attacking several scientists during her breakout. She investigates Jean's stuff until she's found by one of the New Recruits, taking them out with a 'disk', a small device that causes paralyzes, she then slowly picks off all the X-Men using her stealth training, including Xavier when he finds her crying.

Looking to duplicate the success of Weapon X, a group called 'H. During the process, they had to make some changes, creating a 'hormonal instability'.

Their training of 'X-23' resulted in emotional instability, and a hatred.

X-23 is Wolverine's abused, female clone/genetic twin who broke out of a training session laboratory, freeing herself. She has long dark brown hair that she wears loose and comes down around her mid-back with green eyes. She then attacks Logan, blaming him for her Life, at first Logan refuses to fight her, allowing her to easily force him outside, however, he reveals his more advanced training and skill, being able to trap her from attacking or escaping, before revealing that, he not only had no idea she even existed until this morning but that had he, he would have killed the men responsible.

She blames her terrible past on Wolverine, and intends to hunt him down. X-23 usually wears a leather military jacket with tan accents on the upper arms of the jacket with form-fitting leather pants. She breaks down, no longer able to deal with her life and her emotions, until Logan insists she stops trying to repress them and let them out, before allowing her to escape so S.


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