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I am currently being seen by a Neurologist and he reports to my GP whether I am "stable" or not.My GP has taken the responsibility to write intrim reports to DVM for a period of two years which is mandatory.I live in US now but I am originally from Romania, and for example in my country the doctors are not obliged to report you, at least from what I know.But when you drive you should have a card next to your driving license telling that you have seizures, so that in case of an accident they know immediately what to do.Same goes for example for people wo wear contact lenses.I used to work as a delivery agent for a Baneasa airport rental, which means driving a car a lot and my company didn't have a problem with that, as long as I kept my appointments with the doctor and took medicine. S., there are 6 states which require doctors to report every seizure to the DMV. allow the doctor to determine whether or not to report a seizure to the DMV.

He did state that I had awareness before the episode,(cut me some slack) so DMV was ok the first time. told me that it is my responsibility to report myself to the DLD (Drivers License Division) which totally sucks cause I have my CDL but I would rather not drive then to accidentally kill someone over something that I can not control. also told me that if I go 2 appointments without reporting this to the DLD then he would do it and would report each one after that as well. What you can do is contact your states dmv and they will be able to tell you if the have reporting requirements.In my case I had a grand mal and had a nasty bite on my tongue which was treated with antibiotics.It's nerve racking, but I have no choice being the bread winner. If the results are a loss of license, people may not report seizures as they should (being totally truthful).I do what I have to do, but am careful volunteering too much information to my Neuro. As a result you run the risk of personal liability if something bad happens and it is found out that you withheld symptoms. However, States should be more accomodating to allow people to come forward and get the proper treatment.I am just not toooo thrilled that I might have a record before I even decide to get a licence.


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