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This healing ministry is one of the propelling motors of the Pentecostal boom.

And the Pentecostal preachers tend to sound more like their congregants.

More broadly, many early converts were poor, like indigenous people and former slaves.

During this time, elites in Latin America remained Catholic because Catholicism was part of their cultural and national identity.

One reason was the emphasis on gifts of the Holy Spirit, such as faith healing, which resonated with many people.

The earliest converts were Amazonian lepers, who for obvious reasons flocked to Pentecostal faith healers.

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But more recently, it has begun to appeal to middle-class professionals, such as doctors and lawyers, who have formed their own denominations in Brazil and Guatemala, among other countries.

With nearly 300 million followers worldwide, including many in Africa and Latin America, Pentecostalism is now a global phenomenon.

But present day Pentecostalism traces its origins to a religious revival movement that began in the early 20 century.

We asked Andrew Chesnut, professor of religious studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, to discuss how and why Pentecostalism has grown so dramatically in Latin America in recent years.

The interview has been edited for clarity and condensed.


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