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RFSL prefers the terms: ‘sex worker’ or ‘person selling sex’; because these are reflective of an empowerment paradigm.

RFSL has a rights based perspective deeply rooted in the empowerment paradigm on our successful work with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community as well as HIV prevention targeting the MSM and the transgender communities.

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Sweden’s zero tolerance approach stands in stark conflict with the more empowering harm reduction approach.As a result, Swedish sexual health interventions have traditionally focused on women and utilised face-to-face interventions and exit strategies.Unmistakably, interventions targeting male and/or transgender sex workers that utilise harm reduction approaches or low threshold on-line interventions remain marginalised or non-existent.We outline our unique approach and the steps we undertook to design the Röda Paraplyet webpage ( in collaboration with male sex workers and Rose Alliance, a leading sex worker organisation.We argue the voices of sex workers are essential to shifting the Swedish discourse around sex work from one of victimisation that limits sex workers access to Sweden’s extensive evidence-based health care to one that is empowering and increases the safety of sex work, explores how to negotiate condom use and educates sex workers about their rights.The Swedish government’s high priority of providing support for exiting might be the explanation for the lack of social interventions aiming to increase sexual and emotional health among sex workers in a context outside the prostitution units and similar interventions.


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