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Also, ones defecation must not spread past the area of the buttocks which comes together when one is standing.

Allah revealed: This verse from the Quran means: 0 you who believe, if you stand up for prayer, wash your face and arms up to [and including] the elbows and wet wipe [part of] your head and wash your feet up to [and including] the ankles.

(al-Maidah, 6) Wudu' (Ablution) has obligatory and recommended parts.

The obligatory parts are those parts which if left out the wudu' is not valid. A mudd is the fill of a pair of average-sized hands cupped together. It is also mentioned in Sahih Muslim that the Messenger of Allah used six (6) mudds (about 3 cups) of water for wudu and thirty (30) mudds (about one cup less than a gallon) for ghusl.

This comprises the removal of najas (filthy) substances and performing wudu (ablution) or ghusl (full shower).

Gelimang perputaran uang pada industri fashion ini seolah mengubur aspek moral dengan mengekploitasi remaja bahkan anak-anak di bawah umur.One must make sure that the time of the prayer has set in before performing the tayammum.The tayammum is valid for one obligatory prayer only and for as many optional prayers as one wishes.Performing them is the best deed after having the correct belief in God and His Messenger.Prophet Muhammad, may Allah raise his rank, was asked what the best deed was and he said it was performing the obligatory prayers at the beginning of their times (al-Bayhaqiyy): When we say prayers we are referring to an act of worshipping God which has a specific format as God revealed to Prophet Muhammad, may Allah raise his rank.(the females whom one is not allowed to marry in any circumstance such as his mother, sister etc. When performing either the wudu' or ghusl, all substances which prevent water from reaching the parts to be washed and wiped must be removed.


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