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What does stand out is the incredible voices of people who demand respect, who fight for safe working practices and who display such inspiring solidarity in the face of stigma, police violence and social exclusion. On top of the concise history and present of sex workers' activism in Africa, this book also has such a convincing and accessible argument for decriminalization and against "rescue" activism and faux "help" like legalization and the Nordic model (partial criminalization).

African sex worker activists are proving that communities facing human rights abuses are not bereft of agency.It might come down to how compatible you feel in bed with your partner or how good the sex is. A recent study has revealed where the world’s most sexually satisfied women live – and the UK doesn't fare too badly. Despite the prevalence of sex work in Africa, there isn't much that seems to have been written, and this book covers a lot of the gaps.While the author is an American academic, she has placed the voices of sex workers at the centre of the narrative, and the result is a strongly argued, moving look at the topic. I came to An engagingly written account of sex worker activism over the last decade or so, with a focus on the present, in eight different African countries.Our German pickup girls can be met on street, at cinema, in parks.


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