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She set up a Pay Pal-esque account that sent him a penny a day until the the ticket price was paid back in full. Ting jumped into the car, leaving both her man and sister naked in public. Loads of people were grabbing their phones and I did as well” a witness said.

At this rate, it would take 17 years to pay for the ticket. “He was banging his fist on the window and shouting at her, and she just wasn’t playing ball.”You have revenge, and then you have flat-out murder.

When he arrived, he consented to being tied to the bed and blindfolded.

For the week's photo shoot, the contestants portrayed celebrities.

The judging session saw Jenascia become the fourth model eliminated from the competition.

He was all bruised because of the last crash but friendly as usual, ready to make happy journalist and supporters with signatures and interviews.

A little girl near me wanted his signature but was so small that Jens couldn't notice her.


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