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The value of these memories is not lost on the Choice family at Ellendale.In fact, for the past several…Continue Reading In a time of distress, a comforting word of reassurance can be the perfect antidote.

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He is happy.…Continue Reading It was an unusually warm day in February, when Rhonda Schlecht, a Personal Banker in Medina, got a phone call.

“We always like to order them a…Continue Reading Kindness leads to kindness. It started when Morgan Smestad, Customer Services Rep in Grafton, agreed to pick up mail for her coworker Denny, while he was on vacation.

Every few days, she made her way to the post office to collect his things and bring them back.…Continue Reading 300 Króna.

During the calving process, the pregnant cows are bedded in the barn while welcoming new calves into the world —…Continue Reading If a photo is worth a thousand words, a scrapbook is worth millions.

These collections of photos, gathered and decorated, serve as a time capsule; a visual memory lane to look back on and treasure.


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