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They might begin crying imagining cats and dogs dropping from the sky.They do not understand this non-literal figure of speech.This requires using academic material from various sources and with various levels. There are several programs that have proven useful: Reading Power (Cass, Arco Publishing), Reading For Today (Steck-Vaughn Co.), My Job Application File (Janus Book Publishers), material from the Attainment Company, etc.The use of very large and/or bold fonts has been found to be (successfully) helpful with many of the students, especially those with visual difficulties. The idea is to allow the students to experience an alternative in a reinforcement activity.

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It is easier to spot the absence of these skills, than to detect the presence of them. Many people with intellectual disabilities (ID, formerly mental retardation), have underdeveloped social skills.Suppose someone steps into an elevator and says, "It's raining cats and dogs out there." People might begin to nod or laugh with amusement.However, someone with an ID might become horrified.A lesson plan for grade 2 Computer/Technology Skills and Information Skills By Students will reinforce reading, fine-motor, visual-motor and behavioral skills through concentration on individualized exercises designed to introduce and give students access to the school’s technological resources.55 minutes Most of the material used in the Functional Academic area of the Trainable Mentally Disabled Level IV curriculum reflects areas of knowledge needed for independent living.Instead, every retarded child is evaluated to determine what kind of education is appropriate.


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