Reginae carter and diggy simmons dating

i hope we can trust for ourselves,thanks for your visit kandi's version seems like a demo..not fair to put the 2 of them up against each other because its obvious Tasia's was mixed and cleaned up in the studio. She hasn't sounded right since 'Don't Think I'm Not'.

As someone who loves and appreciates music, Kandi is a phenominal writer and an 'okay' vocalist.

And then Kandi had the nerve to have Tiny on a track for "Superwoman", reminding us that she was third behind her and La Tosha and just in front of Latosha's sister who only seemed to do back up in Xscape. But Kandi sings through her nose AND her teeth, so really, what quality of sound can you expect from that? you know you've been betrayed before or plenty of times but believed the guy instead.

If not, I'm sure it's coming your way, but you'll still believe in the guy & he'll still dog you out.

fantasia is nice but im glad that she didnt keep it.. Of course Fantasia outdoes Kandi on this and likely any other track, including "Mary Had a Little Lamb" or "This Little Light of Mine".

Damn you a sellout.hop on Weezy's sloppy seconds and busted exfam?? I hope they hooked her up with a year subscription to Lucille Roberts.... Can't stand to see children put in the middle of situations they didn't ask to be in. AND I like that this li' girl actually looks like a child! Toya is doing a GREAT job raising her daughter, more mothers/parents should follow her example. Reginae's party was cute nice to see her folks getting along Thats how it should be anyway!!If you recall Reginae was originally part of “The OMG Girlz” a few years ago however her mother decided to pull her out of the group because she wanted her to focus more on her school work.Well now she’s ready to get back in the game and her deal is official thanks to her father/ new boss.» Esperanza Spalding’s #Black Girl Magic Is Set To Takeover Harvard University The 'Updated' Beyonce Wax Figure Is STILL A Problem» Wendy Williams’ Husband Kevin Hunter Still Parading His Mistress Around In Public 50 Cent Adds His Childish '2 Cents'» R.Kelly's Ex-Girlfriend Is About To Drop All The Pee Tea» Mariah Carey & Manager Stella Bulochnikov Reportedly Part Ways Mary J. I'm sorry but Reginae is not cute...Toya aint so much either. Your simple ass is more impressed with a little girl getting a Gucci at 12 then her entering the spelling bee contest where you'd probably say she was trying to be white for aspiring for something bigger than a stupid GUCCI. Congrats Memphitz.finally getting some type of fame by marrying Weezy's babymama....#WACK Toya already puttin in fatass Reginae's head to get with soon to be rap mogul Diggy.pathetic. Reginae looks like Wayne's family,whoever says she "looks" like Toya is lying. And while I'm at it, I will drag your nappy headed ass up and down this blog. My question is--Who needs a weave at that early age? I hate women that admit they have a weave because they don't like to do their hair! is it too soon to say something about Diggy Simmons?


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