My free sex text chat

Bang on average, the girls tell me (they say above average but I think they’re just being nice).

Me: If you want the fourth, you gotta take a question or two. When did u get married, when did u get divorced and why?

Me: Swear away, but try to keep it thematically relevant, well timed, and above all creative.

I hope he contracts a painful sexual disease and his penis falls off.

Her: I will answer anything come on u can ask me 3 Me: Met 1999, married 2006, divorced 2009.

Background is: she was a five minute number close at trafalgar square about 3 months ago and though we’ve had some lively banter by text she hasn’t agreed to a date and she hasn’t “crossed the sexual rubicon” of admitting sexual attraction to me. I will tell you that i have been blessed in the three areas men care about most – legs, ass, breasts, but anyway, moving on…. They showed promise, but again I’ve not really had a good look Her: You are terrible. Usually i think about being raped or i guess fucked in a harsh way, being called names… Her: Im not a massive fan of someone coming on my face. Me: Btw, shooting on a girl’s face is a major kink of mine. Actually, I can related to that but usually I was the heartbreaker.


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