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who, as an addictions counselor, has helped such people as Mel Gibson, Courtney Love, and Whitney Houston.On October 27, 2008 A&E declared they would pick up a second season of The Cleaner.FBI agent Lauren Keenan (Sarah Clarke) strong-arms William into searching for her former partner, agent Michael Davis (Christian Camargo) who developed a drug addiction while deep undercover on a case.William and crew infiltrate a "tent city" of meth manufacturers to find the man, who is delusional and dangerous.William invites some friends over to his house including his former sponsor Quinn (Jeff Fahey) whom he idolizes and credits for saving his life.Shortly after the party William's son Ben suspects that his father is using after finding a syringe in the bathroom.

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Meanwhile, Ben is found to have run off to the home of his paternal grandfather (Raymond J.

Banks appears to believe that his work is a calling and will therefore work pro bono if a client is too poor to afford his services.

Banks has a busy life; besides his addiction fighting capers, he runs a shop that primarily sells surfing equipment.

William and his team discover that the woman is not only using, but she is also part of an elaborate upper middle class "drug club".

The title of this episode is a play on "Jonesing", which is slang for delirium tremens, which is a painful episode that an addict typically experiences during a withdrawal from drugs and/or alcohol.


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