Vb net form validating

add If statements for the fields you want to validate Private Function Is Quick Admission Valid() As String 'return string value containing the missing pieces if it is invalid. Here is what I received when entering your data raventest.

It will fire when the focus moves to another control (whose Causes Validation property is true, this allows cancel buttons to be clicked even if the current control is not in a valid state).If you're using plain old winforms, have a look at the masked edit control. seperated date into your field, you force that date into a legitimate number by ignoring the second .Personally I find it HUGELY irritating when applications try to correct me and i'm not done entering data. and they have now entered something totally wrong and your program won't tell them. To String) Then Error Message = "This is a required field." Return False Else Error Message = String. To check this validity, I would check if Is Valid = true, and if so, then add the values, right? I was working on this for hours and didn't even notice that small change. So, if all required fields have a value and you click the Save button, the information needs to be put into a database. The form has First Name, Last Name, Course and Email text box fields. Text array Add New Student = Join(array Record, ",") Me. OK End Sub 'in the click event Dim str As String = "" str = Is Valid() If str = "" Then ' Its all valid so do w/e here Else msgbox("The following fields are invalid: " & str) End If 'the Is Valid Sub. To see what I mean, place Option Strict On at the top of your code above the Class Firstly try not inputting anything at all.


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