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"Chuck" Yeager blasted through the sound barrier in the Bell X-1 and ushered in the supersonic age.Yeager was soon followed by other courageous men who would dare to fly into unexplored regions in that laboratory in the sky above the high desert.

Open working weekends are held on the first & third Saturdays of each month. The CFAM is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization dedicated to preserving and interpreting the long and rich history of aviation at Crissy Field.Currently, 16 of the museum's aircraft are displayed outdoors in the museum's airpark.They include the B-52D, CH-3E, F-84F, F-101B, F-104A, F-105D, F-111A, H-34, NF-4C, SR-71A, T-28B, T-33, T-39, UC 45, YA-7D,and Gloster Meteor.The collection grows on weekends or holidays when members fly their personal Warbirds in for Museum events.Their aircraft are all two place with dual controls and allow museum members to fly Backseat on local flights or to the occasional Southern California air-show. Members pay yearly dues and participate in maintaining the aircraft, hangars, library and wait for an open Backseat.Propulsion exhibits include the YJ93 which powered the massive XB-70, and rocket engines used on the X-1, D-558-II, X-15, and the NF-104.


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