Daniel henney dating history

His father is an Irish American and his mother is a Korean American. But he didn’t graduate because of family reasons and modeling.He starred in a Korean drama “My Name is Kim Sam Soon” and it spread his name widely. He spoke English in almost all scenes and even German in some scenes in the drama “Spring Waltz” in 2006.He states that looks is the least important thing, because with time it disappears and one way or another people get old and he would love to find a woman that would connect with him, because the connection of two people stays for the rest of their lives even when they grow old.And he notes that this is everything that a potential Daniel Henney girlfriend should be.It appears that Daniel is more hard working than seeking relationship right now.Or maybe he just does very good job with keeping his relationships in secret.Though the actor successfully gained great popularity in Hollywood, he always maintained privacy in his personal life.However, his love life with Daniel Henney was not more hidden from the media.

He said, “I like a woman who is proud of being herself. There is not a lot of information about Daniel Henney’s fan in Korea, Japan and USA. So when he dates with a girl, his fans would be sad.

In one interview Daniel has opened up about the type of a girl that could become Daniel Henney girlfriend someday.

He states that he does not prefer a specific type of girl and has not fought about it and his dream girl is not stereotypical.

Further Daniel states that he is the type that wants to settle down and create a family, but it is hard because of his intense work.

Due to the fact that he is an actor he states that whenever a potential Daniel Henney girlfriend appears and he is beginning to like her something happens and he has to leave the city or travel somewhere for a couple of months because of his work.


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