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During this period of “anarchy”, outside forces tried to impose a government on the people of Somalia more than a dozen times.These transitional governments repeatedly failed to garner public support or be recognized by local Somalis.The Soviet Union intervened in order to save the Ethiopian communist regime, so Barre shifted his alliance towards the United States.In the 1980’s, many Somalis became disenchanted with the totalitarian Barre regime.He immediately dissolved the parliament as well as the Supreme Court, and suspended the constitution.

In the late 80’s, this led to a revolution and a Somali civil war, culminating in Barre’s ouster in 1991.

Several centuries of warfare between various Christian and Muslim kingdoms in what is currently Ethiopia and Somalia ensued.

In the 16 century, foreign powers began to intervene.

It was in the late 19 century, however, when the foreign influences began to accelerate.

During the Scramble for Africa, the British took control over northern Somalia, and Italy took over the south.


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