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Ignorance about the Scriptural teaching on these subjects has left most young people defenceless against Satan's subtle attacks in these realms. It presents sex, love and marriage from God's viewpoint.God Himself is the essence of true love and He is the One Who created sex and ordained marriage.

that she was groped on the way to a train station despite her friends trying to protect her. I have used these words in a generic way to refer to mankind in general - and so women are included too.The places where this is so will be obvious to the reader."It was impossible to catch one person in that moving crowd," she said. The police were vastly outnumbered - like 20-25 to 1. "There were a number of girls there who were in a similar situation. There was no cheer; women were either worried or scared. I wish the police had managed the situation better." Another woman, who gave her name as Pooja, who told the BBC: “People were pushing and shoving, touching, grabbing, groping and everything was happening on that street. It is my prayer that this book will be a blessing to many in helping them to find God's perfect will in sex, love and marriage.


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