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Have always wanted a P6, but demos have sounded somewhat flat. Have always wanted a P6, but demos have sounded somewhat flat. The P6 sounds great and I found it to be somewhat Nord-ish in sound.

Good to see this update to it, especially that case! You might have a hard time finding someone to actually talk about it as it's not shipping yet, but the wait should not be that long now...

Patches are stored in the Dynamics 365 database as Solution entity records.

A non-null Parent Solution Id attribute indicates that the solution is a patch.

Once you create the patch, the original solution becomes locked and you can’t change or export it as long as there are dependent patches that exist in the organization that identify the solution as the parent solution.

The original solution and one or more related patches can be rolled up (merged) at a later time into an updated version of the solution, which then can replace the original solution in the target Microsoft Dynamics 365 organization.

You can apply patches to either managed or unmanaged solutions and include only changes to entities and related entity assets.

The corners on the old case can wreck your fingers and arms in a dimly lit environment. BTW, it's really a bit more than 2 extra voices and wavetables.

And hopefully it will evolve a bit more in the next few months.


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