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’ My mother, rather impatiently said ‘Bela pinches them out of beeswax. He always plays with it.’ I distinctly remember hearing her discussing the matter with my father in the evening.

Thereafter, Bela was allowed to ‘play’ with beeswax to his great delight.

She had taken some lessons in modeling and sent word to Bela by one of the children saying she would give him some clay if he would come see her.

He went, received the clay and at once modeled a lion’s head!

Her husband, George Pratt, a graduate of Yale University and a lawyer, was the son of the first Bela Lyon Pratt of East Weymouth, Massachusetts.

He even, as a cash flow enterprise, planted pear and apple trees as well as vast crops of potatoes!His extended family often included brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews, who spent summers on North Haven Island, Maine, where, at his closest friend, Frank Weston Benson’s recommendation, he purchased property in 1903 on Bartlett’s Harbor, a short walk through the woods to Benson’s home and studio.To round out this New England Yankee’s very full life of work and play, he eventually owned a sizeable farm and several houses on and around the old family residence in Salem CT.Here’s what arrived: (1) 4 x 5.5 inch, red, cloth-bound daily memo book entitled “Physician’s Daily Memorandum, for 1900,” produced by M. In fact, every single dated page of this memo book carried an endorsement of the product by doctors and hospitals across the country, with examples of remarkable successes with the product.So, the diary, as it were, was an advertising handout, like the wall, wallet, desk and leather-bound calendars I get at a local bank every December, as I promise to one day make a deposit there.Most fortunately for us, she refrained from chucking his weekly personal hand-written letters, unselfconsciousness in their nature, which he had obligatorily written to his mother, Sarah Victoria Whittlesey Pratt over the years. And finally, connect this amazing, unpretentious man to his works, all 180 of them!


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