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Certainly the people doing it are superb filmmakers, so that bodes well.I already have ideas of two different films I want to make after The Divide-- but that seems so absurd to me, to look that far ahead. I hope EVERYone has a great new year, and that this new year brings us all everything we wish for, and more!We had a very successful Kickstarter campaign, which met our goal of raising 30,000.

The film feature tradtional language of Tlingit and Nisenan, and special thanks to our language translator Alan Wallace.P got Suzy's old i Phone [which was a hoot to watch him try to navigate, after having a flip-phone for YEARS] and I admired his screensaver [a shot of them both -- so sweet! He asked if I wanted it, Suz emailed it to me but it never arrived. The energy and happiness he radiates when talking about it is like being around a little boy! -- but it feels just as blindingly true for all that.Suz showed me more pictures off her phone and sent me the ones I liked. Well, all I can say is, how lucky can a guy be to have such a wonderful friend as Deb, to create and run an extraordinary site like APK for years?It should be a really fine film about a very American subject, made by a team of Brits-- so I hope they get it right.My experience is that our cultures don't really understand each other very well-- either direction-- but I'm hoping in this instance to be wrong.I was fortunate enough to see the film not too long ago and I can tell you -- it is absolutely WORTH the wait. I wish all of you a very happy New Year -- may it be filled with good health, love, laughter, family, peace and prosperity! Same old computer and believe me, it's like it's brand new -- I forgot how to run it and am having to experiment with APK to see if I remember how to do any of that as well. ;) I've talked with the Boss quite a bit since I've last been here -- I posted about it on Facebook since I had easier access to it.


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