Who raven symone dating jeg det ikke dating hun siden

Raven-Symoné stepped out with rumored girlfriend Az Marie Livingston Monday at Ludacris' Labor Day charity event, Luda Day Weekend Celebrity Pool Party, in Atlanta, Ga. @everyonewhoturnedup yesssss," she wrote Monday evening. The She later clarified her tweet in an exclusive statement to E!where the alleged couple shared sweet smiles for the cameras. And clearly, the 27-year-old star enjoyed her experience:"#Ludadayweekend #bestdaysever I don't know the words to describe my weekend... News, but chose to stay mum on the subject of her sexual orientation."I am very happy that gay marriage is opening up around the country and is being accepted," she explained.They may come out later in their years because they were afraid or they had no one to look up to to help them, and I think having this show helps.It helps show the fluidity of sex.""Nowadays I don't really want to be labeled either way, but I want people to understand what I'm talking about," she said of her own sexuality."Sex is fluid, and Jamal and Olivia did have sex once!

With rumors swirling that former “Cosby Show” star Raven Symone is not only a lesbian but also dating androgynous model Az Marie Livingston, the actress/singer is fighting back on Twitter.I'm not one, in my 25 year career to disclose who I'm dating. And my career is the only thing I would like to put on display, not my personal life. And I shall not start now," she tweeted at the time."My sexual orientation is mine, and the person I'm datings to know. We could only take showers when the water was warm.Well, don't these two look like they're having a blast?! If that’s how she feels, that’s how the f*ck I feel. Me, Ana Lisa, and Rae we strategized coming up with something that would create buzz.


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