Mysql replication invalidating query cache entries table

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User Role Editor Word Press plugin allows you to change standard Word Press user roles capabilities with easiness of a few mouse clicks. Open users list by click on the “All Users” link at the “Users” submenu.

Just turn on check boxes of capabilities you wish to add to the selected role and click “Update” button to save your changes. Add and tune your own custom roles which you can assign to the users then. Find needed user, move mouse pointer to his name and click “Capabilities” link as on screenshot below: At the form opened you can assign to user another role and/or add to him capabilities which not included to his role: You can not turn off capabilities included to the role assigned to this user. They will be applied directly to the user as you click the “Update” button.

) - and move your way up as the read performance increases without reaching "Waiting for query cache lock" on writes.

to complete Your long_query_time seems to be fine BINARY UPDATE LOG The binary update log is NOT enabled. MEMORY USAGE Max Memory Ever Allocated : 650 M Configured Max Per-thread Buffers : 2.70 G Configured Max Global Buffers : 320 M Configured Max Memory Limit : 3.02 G Physical Memory : 2.00 G Max memory limit exceeds 90% of physical memory KEY BUFFER Current My ISAM index space = 52 M Current key_buffer_size = 256 M Key cache miss rate is 1 : 1710 Key buffer free ratio = 74 % Your key_buffer_size seems to be fine QUERY CACHE Query cache is enabled Current query_cache_size = 64 M Current query_cache_used = 29 M Current query_cache_limit = 1 M Current Query cache Memory fill ratio = 45.79 % Current query_cache_min_res_unit = 4 K My SQL won't cache query results that are larger than query_cache_limit in size SORT OPERATIONS Current sort_buffer_size = 2 M Current read_rnd_buffer_size = 12 M Sort buffer seems to be fine JOINS Current join_buffer_size = 132.00 K You have had 225 queries where a join could not use an index properly You should enable "log-queries-not-using-indexes" Then look for non indexed joins in the slow query log.

For earlier Word Press versions use plugin version 2.1.10 I am ready to answer on your questions about this plugin usage and help with possible problems.

Use User Role Editor plugin forum or this page comments and site contact form for that please.

So, larger the query cache, the more system time is used for locks, flushes, and overhead until cache management and this negates any benefit of query cache and diminishes database throughput.

And if you’re having random lockups, try disabling the query cache, and see if that solves it.


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