Microsoft updating

[Updated March 1, 2017] The single most common complaint I've heard about Windows 10 is its lack of control over update timing.That's annoying enough for monthly security updates, which typically take just a few minutes to install.

You can delay cumulative monthly quality updates by up to 30 days.That should lessen the likelihood of updates appearing unexpectedly at the beginning or end of a long workday.The new update controls are a decided improvement over the status quo, but they still require some user interaction.Note that this setting has the same effect as the Defer Feature Updates checkbox in Windows 10 version 1607, Pro/Enterprise/Education editions; it's just more clearly labeled.It's also the same as the Group Policy setting that has been available since version 1511: Computer Configuration Defer Windows Updates.You can't kick the can down the road indefinitely, but you can manage the update process enough to minimize the risk of disruption significantly.


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