Married couples who broke up while dating

I realised that I had traditional ideas about being the breadwinner – the fact that I’d not been earning much because my business was new left me worrying that I didn’t deserve Anna. I remember looking at attractive women and feeling nothing.I knew I’d have to go a long way to find someone like Anna.Things came to a head in July last year: I was frustrated about the lack of connection, and Dave admitted that he wasn’t sure how he felt about me.Although I loved him, I had to leave because our relationship had no future. We’ve been together nearly three years and we’re going nowhere.’ Dave accepted the split calmly, but asked if he could still be my friend.I was so upset that I said I wanted to be left alone.In the three months that we were apart we both took a long, hard look at ourselves.Now that the emotional block has gone our relationship has been so much better: Dave’s more affectionate; he’s forever telling me he loves me, and he finally met my parents, as well as all my aunts and grandmother!In fact, we spent last Christmas together with my family and his dad.

Although Anna and I got on well, I wasn’t sure I could commit long term. It didn’t help that we had a long-distance relationship, with Anna in London and me in Leeds.Splitting up doesn’t always mean a relationship is dead in the water – sometimes you don’t appreciate what you’ve got until it’s gone.Take Prince William and Kate,who credit their break in 2007 with strengthening the bond between them. You can’t, and that was the problem with me and Dave.Maybe this was the relationship I shouldn’t have walked away from.I’d been missing Dave terribly when we bumped into each other at a seminar the following September.I’d always known that he intended to go travelling for three months, but when he told me he’d bought a round-the-world ticket lasting nine months, I guessed that he was breaking up with me. I went through the usual break-up process: crying, cutting my hair, losing weight.


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