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This year’s two-day F8 developer conference was rife with interesting and innovative announcements from Facebook.

From a brain-computer interface that could allow users to type by thought using optical brain scans, to a wearable device that uses haptic feedback to ‘hear’ through the skin, Facebook packed F8 with ambitious projects to position itself as an innovator on multiple fronts.

Another update is the addition of support for offline conversions to close the loop between online and offline marketing channels.

How does website browsing translate into in-store sales? Facebook Analytics is also getting updates in several other areas – the ability to create omni-channel custom audiences, automated insights that can automatically alert you to trends in purchases, customized dashboards that will give your team a clear view of conversions across devices, and more! She graduated cum laude from Boston College with a BA in English and a minor in Economics.

So, why should digital marketers be keeping an eye on Facebook Spaces?

Well the possibilities could be endless – hotels could allow consumers to virtually view rooms before booking, home buyers could virtually walk through a house that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to visit in person, etc.

These QR codes can be used to provide extra value to your customers – for example, to show a special welcome to event attendees or give coupon codes to people who scan the QR code in a store.

In the future, Camera Effects could be used through your own glasses, as it is designed to be compatible with future augmented reality hardware.

Facebook isn’t currently allowing any branding or advertising, unless it is pre-approved, but there will eventually be paid options for businesses to join in on the AR experiences, opening up an entirely new advertising channel.they’ll see similarities between the novel’s OASIS and the virtual world that Zuckerberg is presenting – one where you and your friends can escape physical boundaries to visit the International Space Station, answer phone calls through Messenger, or simply play some virtual games.

Though the event is specifically aimed at developers, many of the highlights will directly impact the business and marketing world.

Here are the takeaways that digital marketers should pay special attention to:, and allows your phone’s camera to power new augmented reality experiences.


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