Sasodei dating game

He didn't know he even existed, but hey why not give it a chance, right? Yaoi in later chapters, torture, and other stuff that I forgot. Throw them in a party and everything becomes more awkward than necessary. Now, imagine if one person from each universe would suddenly switch places... Two: Deidara talks too much during sex, and three: Deidara knows the cure for artist's block. But things don't always go as plan for the certain duo.

"Short one-shot in celebration of Sasori's Birthday! -Saso Dei in the first chapter, and will mostly be just Dei-abuse..a loving way, of course A space ship crash lands in the woods behind Deidara's house. High school would be great if Itachi the weasel didn't exist, though. What happens when his tow truck driver is hella pretty though? Sasodei/Yaoi/Oneshot AU - After losing a bet, Deidara must wear a humiliating outfit picked out by his boyfriend, Sasori. Sasodei/oneshot AU - Deidara takes a hot selfie of himself with his bestfriend Sasori, thinking it's the best photo ever.Overwhelmed by the Kyuubi's malicious chakra in Nami no Kuni, Naruto slaughters indiscriminately.Sakura's blood isn't even dry under his fingernails when the council pressures the Sandaime to dispose of their unstable jinchuuriki. If only he didn't wear that red ribbon all the time though... Saso Dei AU - Deidara's father is going on a long business trip! AU - Deidara and Hidan run away from their abusive homes to seek sanctuary from a notorious group of outlaws; because that's was stupid teens do. Sasodei/Yaoi/Two shot AU - For the longest time Deidara has used his bestfriend Sasori as a practice partner for just about anything, just for the actual day he'd need it. AU - Deidara is invited to go to the beach with the Akatsuki, sans Sasori. Or perhaps this will be just what Deidara's boring and overly sheltered life needs? Finishing up a dental surgery, Deidara immidiately wants to take advantage of the free time to reduce his fiancé's stress even if that means doing it while the patient is unconcious. "Like, I don't regret the relationship, but fuck... AU - Deidara absolutely loves and adores his perfect husband, all the way to the moon and back! Sasodei/Yaoi/Oneshot AU - After having their first successful time being intimate with one another, they of course can't help but fight over SOMETHING stupid. With all the yelling, it's hard to see why these two are a couple in the first place. Love is a mysterious thing - especially when you're blinded by it. Sasori tries to convince Deidara not to go and to stay home with him. He just needs to be extra careful, a big bad criminal is on the loose! And the other where they sadly work together in an evil ninja organization to destroy the world. But what he didn't count on was one turning up on the front porch, or having to compete with it for his lover's affections! And would becoming a samurai really save Deidara from his painful past? Three things you should know: one, Sasori really likes Deidara's hands. Juuuust sayin : DSasori was a normal prince, dealing with the normal hardships of life when he gets his own servant for his birthday.


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