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- 0000814: [Bug] Multicast messages not received on multi-homed machines (xxx) - resolved.

- 0000812: [Bug] TVMOBi Li Server media engine profile is wrong (xxx) - resolved.

- 0000782: [Bug] Cataloguing thread hangs when user has podcasts in i Tunes (xxx) - resolved.

- 0000780: [Bug] Client types are not re-evaluated when the media engine updates (xxx) - resolved.

- 0000776: [Bug] WMV files never show artwork (xxx) - resolved.[4 issues] TVMOBi Li - (Released 2014-11-24) [ View Issues ] =========================================== - 0000762: [Bug] Set Owner no longer works (xxx) - resolved.- 0000746: [Bug] Remote streaming does not work if the media file is not organised sequentially (xxx) - resolved.- 0000764: [Bug] Panasonic devices have changed fingerprint (xxx) - resolved.- 0000765: [Feature Request] Allow for wildcard header searching in media engine on custom headers (xxx) - resolved.[18 issues] TVMOBi Li - (Released 2014-11-30) [ View Issues ] =========================================== - 0000768: [Bug] Devices that are DLNA and DIAL cause TVMOBi Li to wrongly identify the device (xxx) - resolved.


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