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He also explains what functional medicine is, his obsession with infrared sauna therapy, and whether or not coffee is actually good […] Model Nikki Sharp joins #No Filter with Zack Peter to spill the Hater-ade.Zack and Nikki breakdown Twitter trolls, frenemies, why they love Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow, the truth behind the hate, and their latest dating blunders.They discuss working with the opposite sex, if guys are really horny 24/7, “bro-jobs,” biggest turn-offs on a date, open relationships, and whether or not guys can truly be […] Byrdie editor, Amanda Montell (creator of The Dirty Word; author of WORDY) joins #No Filter with Zack Peter to discuss the debacle that is Taylor Swift, how she scored a book deal at 25, and explain WTF linguistics is?!Also in this episode: Zack’s trip to Portland, where a coke dealer tried to take him home; […] Holistic Health Coach Sarah Anne Stewart joins #No Filter with Zack Peter to discuss why we have trouble losing weight, why obesity rates are high and eating disorders are more prevalent, and how to break free of emotional eating.“We will cherish the moments spent together, forever,” they wrote. The pair revealed on Instagram that the main reason for their split was their long-distance lifestyles.They wrote that “it was getting too hard” with “all of the distance” – and said that their very busy schedules and various tours weren’t helping much, either.

The couple told fans that they were going to be “just friends” on now on, and that there was no bad blood.Rickey shares […] Comedian, Writer and Internet Star Matt Bellassai joins #No Filter with Zack Peter to discuss his new book, Everything Is Awful and Other Observations.Matt chats about life after Buzzfeed, his People’s Choice Awards disaster, coming out of the closet to his best friends (literally), his love of North West, and why he’s heartbroken over Joe […] Functional Medicine Doctor and mindbodygreen instructor, Dr.Keep up with Nikki at @nikkisharp on Instagram or troll her at @nikkirsharp on Twitter.Check out her […] Taryn Rasgon (founder of Vegetaryn and Biz Babez) join’s #No Filter with Zack Peter to dish on the BS around veganism; Netflix’s new documentary What the Health; her beef with the new meatless Beyond Burger; the vegan/protein myth; and Kylie Jenner’s new bun in the oven.'They are having fun.''When Kristen filmed in Savannah, she spent several days together with Stella, who came to visit her', another source revealed.


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