Dating a pignose amp

The Chiquita is a mere 23 inches from top to bottom; It is an extremely short scale guitar coming in at only 19 inches from nut to saddle. The short bound neck comes rosewood fingerboard bearing 23 frets. This guitar uses special strings made for it that can also be purchased through Erlewine guitars.

The strings are heavy gauge, as the short scale requires larger diameter strings to maintain tonality. Some guitarists opt to use regular strings, therefore need to tune up one and a half steps to G to stay in tune.

The six tuners mounted on the offset headstock were also made by Schaller. The model I played was displayed in a hardshell case..

I later found out it was manufactured by the Samick Musical Instrument Company of Korea and distributed by the Hondo Guitar Company through IMC.

Ten years earlier he had traveled to Japan to secure the rights to distribute simple rhythm instruments to the United States school market.

He then traveled throughout the Pacific Basin and established relationships and joint ventures to create and sell fretted musical instruments and electronics.

These companies are well known, such as Tokai Gakki and Samick.

Hondo stopped distribution of the Chiquita in 1985.

Mark Erlewine currently manufactures so all Chiquitas in the United States.


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