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Chastity, for many husbands, is something many of them fantasize about and will become very excited when it’s discussed, but tend not to ask for it – it’s something they want to have done to them. His wife’s pleasure comes before his own, this means if he’s spending the entire time rubbing his penis, his attention is definitely not where it belongs: on the union of his wife with her boyfriend.

As a rule, cuckolds under my guidance or ownership may not spurt (orgasm) without permission.

The only quesion is, where are they going to take that stranger's huge load!

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There are multiple reasons a chastity device should be considered to establish full control of a cuckold’s penis.

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There are many options for taking physical control of a cuckold’s penis in terms of the material used, how it fits and options for allowing or punishing a cuckold’s attempts at acheiving erection.

Some devices are more for play than enforcing real chastity and will allow a cuckold plenty of opportunity to rub himself or even escape his device – especially if not properly fitted.


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