Assortative mating online dating data analysis

Only women will be heard, and only the brave ones will speak against the herd.

It is a powerful herd who will throw their shit when they are made aware of their own out-group biases against men and boys.

It is far too easy for both men and women to view men as subhuman.

Men and women have both made habit of the perpetual out-group derogation of men and boys.

It is easy to imagine how some men might easily abuse their power to derogate other men.

Men, it seems, are less likely to signal empathy toward men than are women.Early testing shows that women predict that men have 40-60% parity in automatic, in-group bias, where there actually seems to be little to none.In short, your baby boy, son, teenaged boy, brother, uncle, father, grandfather, boyfriend, and/or husband live in a world where others will abuse them, often times in an attempt to treat the abusers own mental illness (see Chemical Rewards).In-group/out-group dynamics can be demonstrated among even the most trivial of differences, and men, in turn, are targets for derogation from men of other groups. It appears that evolution may have played an interesting trick on our species.These behaviors seem to be linked to an increase of general stress, as well as parasite and pathogen stress, and compel us all, as a species, to derogate men and to view men as subhumans.For practical purposes, men exist only as an automatic out-group.


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