Access macro updating addreses

You can also edit a macro and make some adjustments to it, rather than recreating it.

You'll also learn how to edit macros and how to assign them to a keystroke or toolbar button for quick access.The buttons resemble those that you see on a video camera so they may already look familiar.If you point to a button, a Quick Tip appears with the name of the button.Type an identifying name or a name like "sigblock" for the macro in the File name text box (see Figure 1).A macro is automatically saved with the extension, which identifies it as a macro file. The Macro feature bar is displayed underneath the property bar (see Figure 2).Often, it's faster to edit a macro than it is to create it again. Click the Save & Compile button (on the Macro feature bar) to save your edits. Playing Other Macros If someone else has written macros for you to use, all you need to do is play them.


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