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Still, some distinctions (between 'knowledge', 'knowledge processing' as a social activity, and 'knowledge management' as the management of this activity), and some models, are rather clearer than in much of the other 'km' literature.

Mc Elroy has an unfortunate habit of 'cut-and-paste', repeating the same points, models, and even paragraphs in chapter after chapter (the model of the 'Knowledge Management Cycle' is reproduced full-page, exactly the same, nine times in a book with eleven chapters).

i-Cog is the UK lead in successfully validating specialist TV, photographic and media claims, often purchased through specific broker schemes.

Our dedicated claims team have built up an extensive technical knowledge in this specialist area and have already identified organised fraud within the UK, where these types of policies are still being intentionally targeted. We work closely with all law enforcement agencies and now have direct lines of contact to them when fraud is identified.

On the positive side, this makes his work rather easy to summarize.

On the negative side, of course, one does become bored and irritated coming across the same statements over and over again.

This helps in validating & approving claims based on the standard policies enforced by the principle and allows service centers to raise invoices against approved claims for services rendered or parts exchanged.The work order is subsequently checked and approved, before any free-of-charge delivery. All reports can be exported, saved and printed in Excel format for future reference.Handles cannibalization & tear down at the highest repair level for products that are defined as DOA (Dead On Arrival) OR BER (Beyond Economical Repair). Recently, we have also introduced Warranty Claim Management System (WCMS) as a stand-alone module.Social practices, like group learning, are at least as important as technological tools. The new knowledge management has close links to both organisational learning and complexity theory, and can be described as '' (p.71).The famous 'knowledge life cycle' model trotted out nine times is based on both organisational learning theories and complexity theory about complex adaptive systems to explain how individuals and groups learn.Mc Elroy draws on complexity theory's understanding of complex adaptive systems to claim that the processing of knowledge is an emerging social activity that takes place anywhere groups of people are gathered, and this leads him to conclude that knowledge processing can be supported, but not controlled by management interventions.


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